Contentment with security...

"Home" has a unique meaning to each of us. It is a place where you will feel secure in familiar and loved surroundings, near friends and family. We offer you this setting. We work to bring you the contentment of easier living and enjoyable days.
Aging with grace...

Here is a wonderful home for people who have a strong sense of 'self' and plan to keep it.

With some assistance in the daily activities of your life, the unique program called
encourages you to be physically active, socially involved, and mentally creative. Yet we offer assistance when you need it and privacy when you don't. 

Nursing service is accessible to answer your questions, talk with you, and help with your medical concerns. You keep your own physicians and we help with scheduling appointments, to help you get to and from the doctor's office and we're accustomed to reminding you about the doctor's orders.

We are pleased to give assistance to a person who finds it difficult to get up out of a chair, button a shirt, or take a shower.
All the comforts of home...

The kitchen phone is available for everyone's use. If someone needs help dialing, fine; that's why we're here. And if someone wants their own telephone, it can be connected quickly because all of the rooms are pre-wired. Bathrooms have safety bars. Carpets are especially made for sure footing. Comfort is controlled by central heat and air-conditioning plus individual room control. 

Laundry and housekeeping chores are a thing of the past for you. We make beds and straighten up regularly so that rooms stay looking nice.

We've tried to think of everything. Special equipment and furniture, special diets, special care, everything...
Living among friends...

In our gentle, family atmosphere, making friends and living socially is easy. Join your new friends for an evening in the living room or bring your own television cable hook up's are available in your room. 

Planned activities several times a week plus outings, let our staff help our people rehabilitate back to a higher level of social interaction.

Real home cooking...

Ahhhhh, this is living! The food is Just Like Home. See the cookie jar on the kitchen counter? Help yourself anytime. Delicious, nutritious meals are enjoyed for breakfast lunch and dinner, plus snacks! You say you want cranberry juice and it's not on the table often enough to suite you? Just say so. You are welcome to keep and have it as often as you want. That's Just Like Home.
Living Here is "Just Like Home"...

When you think of home, you probably think of comfortable, familiar surroundings, your favorite food, a special easy chair, a neighbourhood with trees and flowers, friendly companionship. That's why when we were looking for a name for our gracious personal care residences for the elderly, "Just Like Home" seemed to say it best.

Unlike large, impersonal retirement apartment complexes, our Just Like Home households are beautifully appointed, comfortable homes in residential neighbourhoods. Each has been specially designed to provide safety, security and relaxing social environment for a small family-like group of elderly individuals who wish to maintain their independence but at the same time benefit from assistance as needed.

Our homes offer all the privacy and comforts of personal residences: a kitchen with a cookie jar on the counter that's always full; private bedrooms furnished with your own belongings as you wish; pleasant dining rooms where home-cooked meals are served family style and menus are created from your personal requests; living room with a piano, all with large-screen Televisions; patios and well-tended yards with places to plant a garden or just sit and enjoy the sunshine and watch the neighbourhood kids come home from school.
A Place of health and Well-Being...

Health and vitality can be enjoyed even to a very advanced age, and at Just Like Home, it is our goal to help our residence protect and maintain optimum physical fitness.
Delicious home-cooked meals three times a day provide balanced nutrition and a healthy diet. Because of our smaller, home-like atmosphere, residents have the opportunity to get involved in planning menus, which means their favorite dishes chow up frequently on the dinner table. Nutrition consultants and dietitians review all menus to insure that residents are getting proper nourishment. Also, special diets can be easily accommodated, usually at no extra cost. Snacks and beverages are always available upon request.
Exercise programs appropriate for elderly participants are available at all residences. In addition, individuals are encouraged to participate in other exercises they enjoy, such as walking and swimming. Transportation is organized to activities outside residences.
Personal care staff are on duty 24 hours a day. If you desire, your medications can be supervised to make sure you get what you need without concern. Other specific health care services you may need can be arranges for you and monitored by the staff. Personal care associates are always ready to lend you a hand if you need help with such things as showering and dressing.
Transportation to your doctor, dentist, or other medical resources is arranged as a matter of course at Just Like Home. also, therapists, such as podiatrists, are arranged to visit each home on a regular basis for your convenience.
An emergency call system links your bedroom and bath to resident staff members at all times.
Beauty and Barber services and a spa with specialty heated, circulating water are provided on premises. 
All laundry, both personal and linens, is taken care of for you, and the staff will keep your room, like they do the rest of the house, sparkling clean.
The physical layout, furnishings, and safety and security systems of every residence have been specially designed and selected to enhance your safety and comfort. All rooms have individually controlled Air Conditioning and Heating. Counters are lower, doorways are wider. Light fixtures are accessible and there is enough room to easily manoeuvre a wheelchair if necessary. The furniture is not only attractive, but the firmness and height are carefully considered to provide greater comfort and ease of movement. Smoke Detectors and fire Sprinklers are installed in every room, bathrooms are safety equipped, and a 24-hour security system monitors each home. There are plans approved by local authorities to insure safety in case of emergency or disaster.
A Place to Call Home...

Architectural grace in traditionally-styled homes feature a sitting porch and attractive patios for enjoying the sunshine and pleasant surroundings.
A Place of Love and Laughter...

Because our residence share a home they also share a special relationship with one another, almost like family. Spirited conversation over the dinner table, a Sunday afternoon sports game on Television, birthdays, anniversaries, outings, trimming the tree at Christmas - These are part of the Just Like Home experience.
There are places in each home where residents gather for social activities or just visiting each other. In some, it is the living room, in others, the family or covered patio. In all, these rooms provide a focal point for many special times that are shared among residents. 
At the same time, we know that personal privacy is important to everyone. has private suites where residents go rest or just be alone if they feel like it. Although there are TV sets in the main gathering areas, each bedroom is also pre-wired for cable and telephone service. Residents are encouraged to furnish their bedrooms with their own personal belongings - books, mementos, photos and furniture in a conveniently smaller setting.
There is always lots to do at . Activities are an integral part of the program in each facility. Administration works with the Resident Council in each home to create a comfortable schedule of events and activities fore residents, who participate or not, as they choose. There are games, crafts, trips, music, cultural and culinary adventures - a little something for everyone.
When residents wish, transportation is arranged for shopping, but many take advantage of the personal shopping service provided by the staff at each .
Although has no religious affiliations, Bible study classes and other spiritual programs are made available to all residents who wish to participate. Recognizing that spiritual health is as important to residents as mental and physical health, we try to provide resources for everyone according to their personal beliefs.
How it All Began...

The concept of "Just Like Home" began with the philosophy of Richard T. Conard, M.D., that all individuals, regardless of age or physical ability, have the right to enjoy life to the fullest, free from fear and worry in a safe, comfortable, secure environment. Dr. Conard saw a need for smaller, more personalized residences for those individuals who wish to retain  the ambiance of their own homes but who, because of health problems or just plain loneliness, needed some assistance and companionship.
- The Affordable Choice

Often, elderly people are hesitant to move into a new living environment, even then it is in their best interest to do so. One of the main concerns is cost. We believe you will be pleasantly surprised to discover how truly affordable assisted living is at
is more than a place to reside; 
... it is a place to LIVE...

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